Stand by You

Jolie, Cassidy and Me – All 3 as beautiful as can be!

A few weeks ago, I was just heading out the door on a run, when I received this text from my younger sister Cassidy:

Text from Cassidy

Now one thing I’ve learned over my few short running years is that Cassidy and I have different tastes when it comes to running music.  We’ve shared a few songs, but I like it a little harder and angrier; she likes it a little mellower and motivational.  But something else I’ve learned is that when the going gets tough, I can count on my sisters. On that dreaded day in March, they were there.  On all those days since, they were there. To listen. To run. To tell me they love me. To tell me I was gonna make it.

Cassidy and I at our first 1/2!
Running with Jolie!
Night out on the town!
Pre-race Sunrise Smooches!

Now this song may not always make the playlist – it’s not a song that is going to pick up my pace or make me run faster. But it gave me a serious case of the feels.  When I got that text, I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I listened to it, I knew right away what it meant for me.  It meant, I’m still here for you.  It meant, I’ll never know how you feel, but I hurt because you hurt.  It meant, You’re gonna be okay, because we will get through this together.  It meant, No matter what we face, we will have each other, because we’re sisters.  And that’s what sisters do. They stand by each other, no matter what.

I love you girls. Thank you for the wings.


2 thoughts on “Stand by You

  1. Well. It’s the last day of 2015. And a lot of times Im not sure what to say. I do know that I love you SO much…. And I love that Bryce. Kind and sweet always seeing and believing the best … Cute and funny. I love running with him and I do swear he’s there. Lucky me I think in the most unfortunate way of being lucky. Let’s keep pushing on this next year. Believing and seeing the best in ourselves and each other. Your words are doing us all good. One foot sole sister in front of the other. We can do hard things.


    1. Sisters are the best! Whether they’re blood related or not, there’s nothing like supportive, loving sisters! Love this sole sister! 🙂


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