Clark Kent

It is busy season in my world – aka tax season.  In my Clark Kent life, I am a tax accountant and tis the season for busy days and working weekends.  Endless chatter of itemized deductions,  the Affordable Care Act, tangible property regulations, capital gains and estimated tax payments can make even the most seasoned partner hit the local pub with tears in her eyes.

Tax Season Snacks

Tax accounting is not a sexy career.  But we are a sexy bunch…okay…a fun bunch.  We know our job isn’t desired by most, and sometimes not even by us.  But we have a good time, work hard and make lots of inappropriate jokes. How can you go wrong with a career that uses terms like double entry and hot assets?

Double Entry

No matter what deadlines were looming, Clark Kent still made time to throw on the cape and be Superman. So in spite of tax time, I will be still be getting my running in – I have a 50k in April and a 50 miler in June to train for – spending hot tub time with my husband,  goofing off with my youngest daughter, and trying to get my laundry done. My mornings get earlier and my nights get later. There will be fewer home cooked meals and more junk food, less blog posts written and more alcohol consumed. But it only lasts for about 12 weeks. Most call it busy season…I call it ultra training.

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